Architecture is the art and science of designing a structure, a process that combines planning, designing and constructing a building. A well designed building is often seen as a symbol of culture and a work of art. People who want to know more about architecture can refer to numerous architecture ebooks available on the Internet. In order to gather more information people can also refer to buildings ebooks.

World Wide Web is flooded with several architecture ebooks, such as On Architecture; Ultimate Horse Barns; The Architect's Brain; and Greene & Greene Furniture. These ebooks have all the important information about architecture, including the concepts involved in architecture and when it started, among other such questions. On Architecture is an interesting book written on the topic by Ada Louise Huxtable. The author has captivated the readers from all over the world in through her well-reasoned beliefs about architecture. With her unmatched intelligence, the author has tried to discuss whether modern architecture is still alive. The book is considered one of the most informative architecture ebooks available on the Internet.

Another famous ebook on architecture is Ultimate Horse Barns by Randy Leffingwell. The book has presented eighteen masterpiece horse barns in very innovative and beautiful manner. All the structures featured in the book reflect the owners' love for horses. Author has selected barns that have exceptional qualities such as health and safety. Ultimate Horse Barns describes the architectural beauty of horse barns and talks about barns used for private purposes, successful breeding or for training purposes.

People can also find reference about buildings ebooks while searching for the information about ebooks on architecture. Walk London: Walks In And Around London; The Essential Titus Burckhardt; Architecture and Authority in Japan; and Innovations In Hospital Architecture are some of the popular buildings ebooks. Innovations In Hospital Architecture is an engrossing book written by Stephen Verderber on this subject. This reference book includes all important developments in the evolving field of sustainable hospital architecture. It describes how architects, nowadays, must provide hospitals with high quality care for patients. The book contains beautiful and extensively illustrated pictures, diagrams and floor plans.

Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast ebook by Paul Eric Johnson is a captivating book full of colourful and beautiful pictures of lighthouses from the past. People having interest in the history and protection of lighthouses can refer to this book. Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast ebook tells the history of lighthouses across the world and gives information about their importance. The readers will get to know how lighthouse keepers perform all daily jobs to keep the ships passing through the area safe. The book also informs the important role played by lighthouses at the time of war.
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The act of speaking or writing about any building after due analysis is popularly known as architecture criticism. Most commonly, buildings that are historically important, have revolutionary designs or are constructed at a famous public site are subject of architecture critique. Nowadays, lots of architecture criticism reference ebooks are available on the World Wide Web, which provide all the requisite information on the topic. These books scrutinize the role of ideologies in architectural criticism and help readers learn about the subject.

Architecture Walks: The Best Outings Near New York City; Stockholm: The Making Of A Metropolis; and Indigenous Modernities: Negotiating Architecture And Urbanism are popular ebooks that give reference on architecture criticism. Buyers can download these digitized books in PDF format from any reliable ebook store at the most affordable rates.

Among all these, Architecture Walks: The Best Outings Near New York City by Lucy D. Rosenfeld and Marina Harrison has gained traction among readers. The book takes readers on a journey to most aesthetic, appealing and captivating architectural treasures located in the vicinity of New York. Early colonial saltboxes, yet-to-be-finished modern structures on college campuses, 19th century follies, Gilded Age palaces, lighthouses, windmills and romantic ruins that are located within driving distance of NYC are discussed in this book.

Color, Space, and Style ebook written by Mimi Love is a complete handbook with all the important information for interior designer. It includes information that need to know on a daily basis. The world of interior designing is quite broad and Color, Space, and Style ebook gives the details requisite for planning and executing interior projects of all kinds. Divided into 6 sections, the book speaks about fundamentals, space, surface, environments, elements and resources involve in interior designing. Color, Space, and Style ebook also contains interviews of some of the prominent interior designers.

People interested in interior designing can also take reference from design, drafting, drawing & presentation available on Ebook Store. What Designers Know; Interior Designer's Portable Handbook 2/E: First-Step Rules of Thumb for Interior Architecture; and V-Ray: Photorealistic Visualization are some of the popular design, drafting, drawing & presentation ebooks on the subject.

What Designers Know by Bryan Lawson is quite popular among established as well as amateur interior designers. The book has answer to all the questions related with designing, such as the activities that designers must perform, what makes them take particular decisions and the knowledge they need for carrying out the job. The book is written in simple and lucid language so that students and beginners can understand it well. Moreover, it has all the success mantras needed important for students and aspiring interior designers.
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Associated Press sells German unit to ddp news agency

According to a report published by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily newspaper, ddp paid tens of million of euros for AP's German services, which provide news content for media customers such as newspapers, broadcasters and online portals.
The deal also grants ddp a 15-year license to adapt and use English-language content from AP's network of 3,000 reporters based in 250 bureaus in 97 countries. Observers say that will allow the Berlin-based agency to go beyond its traditionally domestic focus and provide customers with international coverage of global events.
Competitive pressures
The acquisition will see 110 AP reporters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland join ddp's pool of 140 journalists.
Peter Loew, who co-owns ddp with Martin Vorderwuelbecke, told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung that he had high hopes for the enlarged company.
"We are going to be the best full-service agency in Germany," Loew said. "Our strategy is to make the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) dispensable."
German newspapers on sale at a kioskBildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift:  German newspapers rely on agencies for much of their non-local contentThe aggressive strategy pursued by ddp adds to a string of bad news for dpa, which has been struggling to maintain its position as Germany's leading news agency.
Last month Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper announced it would stop using dpa services in the summer of 2010, citing high costs, while the WAZ group of regional newspapers cancelled its contract on January 1, 2009.
Growth, not cutbacks
Loew told reporters management would focus on expansion, not cutbacks, and that he expected redundancies would be limited to about 15 positions.
Representatives from AP's German works council said employees were disappointed that top managers in the United States had not kept them up to date on negotiations with ddp, and that they only found out the deal had been finalized in the press.
AP, a cooperative whose customers are mainly US newspapers, has been cutting costs to help offset weakening demand from core clients hit by a plunge in advertising revenue.
An attempt to sell its French unit failed last year due to stiff resistance from local staff.
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Approaching the game of poker can be intimidating for any inexperienced player. Online poker takes away a large part of the intimidation factor, but a beginning player is still left with the difficult, strategy-based decisions that will determine his/her expectation. In this article, we will cover Basic Tight-Aggressive (TAG) Strategy.
Tight-Aggressive is probably one of the easiest styles to learn in No Limit Texas Holdem, simply because you are playing fewer hands. The word “tight”, in this case, refers to your starting hand requirements. Tight poker players will will rarely open a pot with a very weak starting hand (although even the most TAG player will loosen his/her requirements when opening a pot in position).
The word “aggressive”, in this case, refers to the way you play your hand in relation to the pot size and your opponents’ actions and reactions. A basic Tight-Aggressive player will mainly be forcing the action pre-flop and post-flop by raising or betting, constantly making opponents pay for entering pots with mediocre holdings while putting them to the test after the flop is seen.
Two things a consistent TAG player should always be on the lookout for from opponents are kicker strength and the possibility of being dominated by a huge hand post-flop. Many beginning players in today’s game would be surprised to learn that basic tight aggressive strategy, on its own, is not enough to be profitable at any game level above micro stakes. If you’re going to employ any broad-based strategy, you’ll need to learn and adapt to how opponents are playing against your table image.
Tight-Aggressive players, for the most part, enter pots where their starting hand represents an above average showdown value while having a reasonable chance of dominating others’ starting hands. In other words, there truly IS a ton of value in raising with Ace-Queen on the button, and getting one of the blinds to flat-call with a weaker Ace. More often than not, your Continuation Bet will double as a Value Bet, since you’re likely to be holding the best hand after the flop comes.
Beginning TAG players bet their hand strength, and bet it aggressively (at least on the flop they do)… hence the beauty of repeatedly getting opponents to pay for the privilege of seeing flops with inferior starting hand ranges. Opponents are repeatedly forced to either donate expectation with their post-flop draws, or muck… and this is pretty much the elementary theory of Tight-Aggressive play.
However, TAG strategy is highly exploitable, and simply can not survive on its own, especially versus competent players. Non-expert TAG players are constantly caught off-guard by players who trap with their own premium hands. Perhaps the most common (and unprofitable) trait of playing this type of strategy is the ease of becoming stubborn. Once you enter a pot or bet a relatively strong hand after the flop, it requires an enormous amount of discipline to rethink your betting lines once an opponent plays back at you. It can be argued that one of the main reasons people are willing to flat-call preflop raises with mediocre hands is because stubborn TAG players blindly bet their starting hand strength in spite of unfavorable community cards.
In order to play ANY style successfully, a player must put in the necessary work and make correct decisions in situations where “style” gives way to “what’s best right now”. Successful TAG players know how to value their strong starting hands… but perhaps more importantly, they know (more often than not) when they are up against a superior holding. If you are consistently stacking off with hands like Top Pair, Top Kicker in a deep-stacked blind structure, it won’t be long until you’re pegged by players who pay attention.
Especially in cash games, there are plenty of players who simply lie in wait for predictable TAG players. On nearly every site, it is common to find players who play 4 or more tables at a time, and give away tons of information without realizing it. More than anything, you DO NOT want to become predictable in deep-stacked blind structures.
So what’s the answer to turning a profit as a Tight-Aggressive player? Well, you must realize both the pros and cons of such a style. Take note of why exploiting edges is so necessary, but also work to discover how another player will attempt to chip away at your edge… and react/adapt appropriately. TAG is a style… and an extremely generic one at that. It’s highly profitable against opponents who have an unhealthy disregard for patience. It’s highly exploitable against opponents who know exactly what you’re doing.
As always, the determining factor of expectation is YOU. Learn how to play TAG… practice it… embrace it… make use of it. And when your opponents figure out what you’re doing… discard it in favor of a more-profitable “style” that will earn you the expectation a situational decision-maker deserves.
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